«MedUnex»: community of medical device registration experts

MedUnex is a company consisting of medical device registration experts. Specialists have many years of experience in this field, regularly attend training seminars and are always in the know about all the changes and innovations. Having experience working in various consulting organizations and testing laboratories, we know how best it is not only to register your product, but also to do it quickly and without extra costs. Working with us, you get:

  • The actual registration deadlines that we strictly comply with (We will write you the minimum registration deadlines, depending on the requirements of the regulatory documentation for the deadlines, and also set the real deadline for which we will 100% complete your work. With us, you do not risk increase the registration process for 2 - 3 years)

  • Reasonable prices (We will not contain the entire organization at your expense)

  • 24/7 expert accessibility (Our expert will be in touch 24/7, answering all your questions and keeping you updated on the registration process)

  • If you wish, you can personally meet with an expert. If necessary, it is possible to provide positive feedback from other customers who have already used our services.

MedUnex Services

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MedUnex solves any problems associated with the medical device registration process. A unique approach not only distinguishes us from others, but also underlies our success. We offer services and solutions designed to help companies achieve their goals in the Russian medical device market.

Supporting enterprises on updating the documentation for a medical device


Registration of medical devices

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